LumiTact G700 : Durable And Long Lasting Flashlight!

LumiTact G700LumiTact G700 :- Now-a-day, carrying a flashlight might sound weird, but sometimes in case of emergency, we need a flashlight. Now, you must be thinking where you can use it? It can be used in case of electricity failure or while traveling you can carry along with you. Now, the question is which flashlight you should use? Well, you need not to worry about that because I have one flashlight with me, which is made from aluminum alloy and it’s none other than LumiTact G700. Its amazing features forced me to write its review. Let’s go through it till the end.

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What Is LumiTact G700?

It’s a tactical flashlight made from aluminum, which is also used to make aircrafts. This exclusive product has been praised by numerous people because of its multiple features. It claims to be one of the most used flashlights on the market today. But, what are the features? Let’s read it together. First, it is the most durable and long lasting flashlight till date that has amazing brightness. Besides, it is termed as a military grade flashlight because it is used by military and army men in their missions. But, this doesn’t mean that other individuals can’t use this product. Second, LumiTact G700 delivers 100 times brighter flash than any other product. Also, it is used by the policemen, coast guards and firemen all over the world. Other features of this flashlight are listed down.

Features Of LumiTact G700

  • It comes in 5 modes (high, medium, low, SOS and strobe)
  • LumiTact G700 is made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Its has amazing backup power
  • It can be used by policemen, firemen, navy merchants in their rescue missions
  • It runs on 2 AA batteries
  • Available with a heavy discount of 75%
  • Can be carried easily when leaving from home
  • Labeled as a long lasting tactical flashlight
  • LumiTact G700 produces an ultra strong brightness
  • This flashlight has lighting capacity of 700 lumen

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Where To Buy LumiTact G700?

It is easily available on the Internet, so you need to visit the official website of LumiTact G700. If you will order today, you will get a heavy discount of 75%. Basically, you have to pay $56 only. Therefore, if you want to save your pocket, then you can go for the following offers:

  • 2 flashlights for $97
  • 5 flashlights for $196
  • 10 flashlights for $350
  • 20 flashlights for $700

What Is Aircraft Grade Aluminum?

LumiTact G700 is made up of aluminum alloy, which is also used in the formation of aircrafts. This powerful tool, when combined with other metal forms a strong and durable product. The presence of aircraft grade aluminum makes this flashlight better then the rest. It is assembled with latest and greatest flashlight technology.

But, on the other hand, aircraft aluminum is not that much impressive as it is said by the manufacturers. Because, it’s not an extraordinary element that is used in the making of LumiTact G700. In fact, aluminum alloy is used in the formation of bicycle frames, scuba tanks and aluminum cans (food or beer). Also, there is no declaration made that this flashlight is used specifically by military persons. The manufacturer must have used the term so as to advertise the product.

Where to Buy LumiTact G700

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