Detox Your Colon Naturally And Lead A Healthy, Fit Life!

Many natural and well-known health experts advocates the process of detoxifying your colon as a path towards a happy life and optimum health. Cleansing your colon can do more than glowing your skin and make your eyes sparkle. A healthy and fit body improves your digestion process, boosts high energy levels and helps to shed a few undesired kilos too. Today, in this article, we should learn the natural ways to keep your colon clean and maintain a healthy digestive tract.

Let’s get started…

Natural Colon Cleansing – What is it?

In order to cleanse your colon, you take some supplements (liquid or powder) that assures you healthy results. Or you make healthy changes in your lifestyle and takes care of eating habit is what natural colon cleansing is all about. Either way, the sole idea is to help the colon expel its harmful contents like food debris, toxins, wastes and parasites.

To keep your colon clean and healthy, listed are the foods that you should avoid:

  • Dried fruit
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Milk products (except ½ cup unsweetened yoghurt)
  • Cigarettes
  • Sugar, maple syrup. honey and artificial sweeteners
  • Grains: wheat (bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta), barley, rice and oats

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Colon

  • Do Regular Exercise

One should perform exercise at least for one hour on a daily basis. You should jog along the beach, raise a sweat like a spin class, do hot yoga or boxing or walking uphill that will benefit a lot.

  • Have Morning Lemon Juice

In order to cleanse the system and kick start the digestion, this is one of the best thing to try. Squeeze the lemon juice into a cup of water and drink it first thing in the morning, before your breakfast.

  • Chew

You should aim to chew each mouthful of food at least 10 to 12 times before swallowing. It works to improve your digestion that allows you to feel a sense of fullness and maintains your overall health.

  • Drink More Water

One should drink around three liters of fluid daily that helps to move the lymph and supports the detoxification of kidney. You can have fresh vegetable juice, herbal detox tea and pure spring water that will help you feel healthy and refreshed.


What you eat may have the greatest impact on the health of your colon, so it is advised to choose your food wisely. If you will take care of the health of your colon, it will in return take care of your overall health, fitness and well-being.